About Us


    BHARTIYA JANSEWA SANSTHAN®, as known as BJS®, is an all India independent, non-government, non-partisan, non-profit, volunteer based, and selfless service organization, headquartered in New Delhi, came into existence in the year 1986. BJS is registered under the Indian Societies Act 1860. Selfless Service is our guiding principle and core value. BJS serves the nation by reaching at the doorstep of all the people of the land—the underprivileged, the unprivileged, the deprived, the helpless, the hopeless, the tribal and the poorest of the poor.


    BJS has been working Education, Health and Spirituality in the most remote villages in India, where the Govt. machineries are not able to make an impact. Our academic service has 1532 projects covering 906 schools, 355 Child Development Centres, 46 Hostels, 225 Libraries. We also run 232 health centres and save people from quacks and thugs. For all round development spirituality plays a vital role where 71,871 devotees got benefited.


    Now, its plan is to create an eco-system of Education and Growth with Sustainability, bridge the Digital Divide and stop exploitation of rural uneducated population (mostly tribal) by internationally funded agencies.


    Having presence in almost all the remotest parts and every nook and corner of the country since its inception, BJS has been there and done that—selfless service to the poor: -


    • By serving public welfare and human society selfless without distinction of cast, creed, language, religion, region and gender.


    • To work for the economics, social, character and spiritual upliftment of the citizens of the forest dwellers (tribals, scheduled castes, backward classes and other neglected and week section of the society) residing in India.


    • To fulfil above objectives, establish and operate educational institutes, hostels, reading rooms, libraries, culture centres, community development centres, agricultures and cow promotion centres, fertilisers and seed distribution centres and provide scholarship to poor and meritorious students.


    Since its inception, it is functioning with proactive commitment for integral development of underprivileged ones as well as saving society and culture from decaying. Also, during the coronavirus pandemic, the organization reached and distributed ration, medical kit and medicine to the stranded and helpless poor labourers and migrants in the cities and on the streets day and night.



    Well-being of all. Civilize the world.



    Selfless service is the primary duty.



    The mission is to develop tribal community in general and their children as good human beings with right knowledge, skills, attitudes, social and moral values without discrimination of caste, creed, colour, race, sex, status, language, region and religion




    The vision is to work for the poor irrespective of their caste, creed, colour, race, sex, status, language, region and religion and to empower the Scheduled Tribes population Socially, Economically, Politically and bring them at par with other categories.



    The main and primary function of the organization is to serve, care, educate and enlighten the people and especially the poor through our four pillars of selfless services as listed below: -


    1.       Swasthya (Health)

    2.       Shiksha (Education)

    3.       Sanskar (Culture)

    4.       Sewa (Selfless Service)