• VISION: Inclusive & Equitable Development through Health, Education & Employment.|
    • VALUES: Service to all. Well-being of all. Civilize the world. |
    • MISSION: Selfless Service to all the People of the Land.|
    • BJS is bridging the gap between eco-system & no-system and bringing them back to mainstream economy - the socio-economic disadvantage groups & socio-cultural identities.|

    सेवा परमो धर्म:


    The mission is to develop tribal, poor, and socially & economically backward population and their children as good human beings with right knowledge, skills, attitudes, social and moral values without any discrimination.


    The vision is to work for the poor without discrimination and to empower the tribal, the poor and the socially & economically backward population and bring them at par with other categories.


    The primary function of the organization is to serve, care, educate and enlighten the people and especially the poor through our four pillars of selfless services: —

    1. Swasthya (Health)
    2. Shiksha (Education)
    3. Sanskar (Culture)
    4. Sewa (Selfless Service)


    About Us

    Bhartiya Jansewa Sanasthan came into existence in the year 1986. The orgainisation was founded by the personalities driven with the spirit of social accountability, national development for upliftment of the marginalized in this civilisation of millions year old. Late Shri Rajeshwar jI, Late.Shri Mohanlal Joshi and some of their equal minded colleagues gifted with indomitable will gave birth to their brainchild —Bhartiya Jansewa Sansthan. 
    The visionary founders were always at pains because even after 40 years of independence the social maladies like Ignorance, Superstitions, Untouchability, Poverty, Illiteracy persisted in Indian society. These negative vibes in their valued observations were solely responsible for creation of barriers in the path of visible development and growth of national development despite Government’s sincere efforts towards eradication of backwardness.
    The men who shaped the road map of this organisation were deeply connected to the roots. They possessed decades of experience of realising the ground realities faced by Indian society by visiting nooks and corner of the subcontinent with a mission of community development activities.

    Bhartiya Jansewa Sanasthan