Indian society and culture are largely guided by the ethos of service to humankind in various forms. Eva/service has remained the integral part of this age old civilization for various social, spiritual and cultural reasons. To strengthen positive value among community Jan seva sansthan gives reasonable importance to seva/service.The organization regularly conduct blood donation camps and cloth distribution programme.

    1. BALASHRAM (Orphanage)
    We are running many Balashrams for parentless and homeless children. One such orphanage is named as Yashoda Sadan is running at silver city Cuttack,Odisha.Yashoda sadan is successfully functioning from the year 1999,the year Odisha faced devastating super cyclone. Hence Yashoda sadan finds its history rooted to super cyclone of Odisha as it was started to give accommodation, food and cloth to the children who lost their homes and parents in the natural disaster.

    Yashoda sadan came into existence through a philanthropic initiative. The construction of 3 storied building was donated by Gems and Jewelry, Mumbai to accommodate 120inmates.All these inmates were subsequently admitted to different nearby schools.Most of the children of orphanage are now either in Govt.or Private Jobs. Some of them have chosen to be social workers and entrepreneurs.

    The success of those destitute children epitomizes the care and commitment of the organization. Balashram like Yashoda Sadan are also running in Haryana, Rajsthan,Mizoram etc.In all Balashrams we ensure integral development of students including education.

    Bhartiya Jansewa Sanasthan