The visionary founders were always at pains because even after 40 years of independence the social maladies like Ignorance, Superstitions, Untouchability, Poverty, Illiteracy persisted in Indian society. These negative vibes in their valued observations were solely responsible for creation of barriers in the path of visible development and growth of national development despite Government’s sincere efforts towards eradication of backwardness.
    The men who shaped the road map of this organisation were deeply connected to the roots. They possessed decades of experience of realising the ground realities faced by Indian society by visiting nooks and corner of the subcontinent with a mission of community development activities.
    He founding fathers of the organisation had rationally understood that the social fabric and national integration are rudimental of Development of any nation. They opined that both social fabric and national integration were severely impacted by narrow minded opinion leaders. Identities like caste, creed, language, region along with religion had a shadow over the national spirit as well as togetherness of the citizens.
    Besides that, the backwardness of country is also a blessing in disguise for vested interest groups was undeniable truth for the men behind this noble mission. The thinkers while visualizing the necessity of such an organisation of selfless mission also very much practically observed that poor, illiterate inhabitants of hilly and in accessible areas are needed to be brought back into mainstream of development.
    Hence since its inception the Organisation is functioning with proactive commitment for integral development of underprivileged ones as well as saving society and culture from decaying.