After Seven decades of Independence Indian community is facing severe challenge on health care. It is widely visible that Lack of health infrastructure, Shortage of doctors, absence of vaccines, medicines and awareness basically at grass root level affecting the masses through different types of epidemics and critical diseases. 

    Though the Government mechanism is steadily taking control of Infant Mortality Rate (IMR), Child Mortality Rate (CMR) and Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) still we have miles to go in the direction of quality health care.

    To save lives from untimely deaths Jan seva Sansthan is focusing on health services in rural areas.

    We are operating regular medical clinics in Odisha, Rajsthan and dispensaries in other states of the country. To give proper attention to the patients organization has also dedicated 4 ambulances for the cause.

    More than 1 lakh people from poor, backward and tribal areas are given medical services every month.

    Hence since its inception the Organisation is functioning with pro active commitment for integral development of underprivileged ones as well as saving society and culture from decaying.


    Bhartiya Jansewa Sanasthan